Corporate Strategy

Our roadmap to sustainability

Cleaner, greener and fuel-oil free

At WEB Aruba we are working daily to create a sustainable change in water and energy production. We are convinced that can provide reliable service to our customers, while reducing our dependency on Fuel Oil.

Our Mission

We provide the best water, energy and related products and services in the most reliable, affordable and sustainable way.

Our Vision

Cleaner, Greener and Fuel Oil Free, towards a sustainable water and energy production and supply, delivering the highest value to our customers.

Our Envisioned future is linked to five (5) Strategic Objectives that guides us continuously:

  1. WEB will not use Heavy Fuel Oil anymore as an energy source.

  2. The yearly average energy supplied supplies by WEB Aruba, shall be composed of 50% renewable sources and 50% alternative fuels.

  3. WEB Aruba's customer value focus is embedded as a driver for sustainable growth.

  4. WEB Aruba has diversified water & energy propositions (water & energy services/products portfolio and new markets).

  5. WEB Aruba is a robust & agile organization ensuring continuity, stability and growth.

WEB Aruba annually formulates a corporate agenda to align with the five strategic objectives. This enables us to keep a clear strategic direction, while dividing the task into manageable sections.

Stakeholder Sessions

Creating sustainable changes in water and energy production is a collaborative effort. Our stakeholders are important to our future development.

Informative Session
A PowerPoint Presentation of WEB Aruba's Informative Sessions held during Aug-Nov 2019