Energy Production History

Meeting Aruba’s increasing demand for energy has kept WEB Aruba in a constant state of growth and change

Introduction Integrated Boiler System


Development Wind Park Vader Piet


The increasing price of heavy fuel oil drove WEB Aruba to study alternative proven and new technologies, to produce drinking water and generate electricity, at a much higher efficiency and to lessen our dependence on fuel oil. In 2004 a start was made with the development of a wind turbine Park at Vader Piet.

Introduction RECIP Engines (RECIP I)


In 2006 the first three “Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines”, the so called RECIPs came into service. This has elevated the reliability of WEB Aruba in power generation with a new and independent powerhouse with 24 Megawatt capacity.

Introduction RECIP II (second powerhouse)


In 2008 WEB Aruba expanded the power generation with an additional new 24 megawatt  RECIP powerhouse.

Vader Piet Windpark Completed


The construction of the wind turbine park at Vader Piet was completed at the end of 2009.