Loss of Load Expectation

WEB Aruba produces energy throughout the year.

2024 Loss of Load Expectation Target: 24 Hours

Remaining Outage Allowance
Last updated: 11-Jun-2024 | 08:35 AM

WEB Aruba produces energy throughout the year, 24/7. We acknowledge that interruptions can occur, and to ensure transparency, we have established a yearly outage allowance maximum of 24 hours. This represents our maximum acceptable limit for power outages, ensuring that we meet the demand of our sister company, N.V. ELMAR and Aruba, with minimal disruption. The figure above indicates the current year's usage against this allowance.

The table below provides a historical perspective of our power outage performance over the last 10 years. This demonstrates our commitment to maintaining service within the established outage allowance. Each year, we aim to optimize our processes to minimize outages and operate within or below our target.

Outage Performance Over the Last 10 Years:

Year Remaining Outage Allowance
2023 20:00 hours
2022 20:19 hours
2021 19:00 hours
2020 7:23 hours
2019 19:20 hours
2018 12:11 hours
2017 10:13 hours
2016 14:28 hours
2015 7:43 hours
2014 2:56 hours
2013 20:12 hours