Understanding your bill

Need an explanation of your water bill?

What's on my bill?


Number di Percela:

This number is engraved on a copper plate and is fastened to the pipeline very close to the meter.

Periodo di Cuenta:

This refers to the actual time-frame for which you are being billed. Usually it will be from one month before you receive the invoice.  

Ultimo Dia di Pago:

Last day to pay the current bill. The due date differs for each water bill for each client. Do you want to know the due date of your water bill? Click here and fill in your number di percela in the 'Due Date Look Up' section.

Periodo actual: 

Total amount to be paid. 

Saldo Anterior:

Open balance/Total amount that is owed to WEB.


Last payments received by WEB.

Saldo Periodo Anterior:

Amount billed in the previous billing period.

Tarifa A:

Domestic tariff (This will show a different letter if using a “bouwmeter” or “industrial water”). 

Deposito :

Meter deposit (Awg. 80,-). This deposit is paid each time a meter is requested.

Fecha Estado di Cuenta:

Date the bill was printed.