Commercial Farming / Husbandry

Find out all you need to know about meter connections with commercial farming and/or husbandry

Water meter for commercial farming and/or husbandries 

 To apply for a water meter for farming and/or husbandries you must fill in this contact form and submit the following documents. Click here for a guide on how to fill in the contact form. After having received all correct documentation we will contact you to make an appointment to sign the contract at WEB offices.

If you prefer to apply personally at our WEB offices, you must make an appointment through our Call Center at: 280-4200. Clients without an appointment (walk ins) cannot be attended.  

  • In case of farming, a letter of the Department of Agriculture, Husbandries and Fisheries (Santa Rosa) should be provided. In case of husbandry or fish farming, letters from both the Department of Agriculture, Husbandries and Fisheries (Santa Rosa) and the Department of Public Health should be provided.

  • Notary letter of the purchase of the property or ‘Eigendomsbewijs’. In case of of rented land from the government (huurgrond), a letter from Directie Infrastructuur en Planning (DIP) or the rental land contract is required.

  • Copy of Registration of the business at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) not older than 3 months. 

  • Copy of the plan with the location of the property.

  • Valid Identification*

  • Awg. 130,- (can be paid at the counter at WEB or can be charged on your first water bill):

    • Minimum Security Deposit Awg. 80,- (depending on average consumption)

    • Connection Awg. 50,-.