Extra Water Meter on a Property

Find out all you need to know about an extra meter on a property

Extra water meter on a property

An extra meter can be requested for an apartment or trailer. The apartment or trailer must have a bathroom and kitchen.

Application in two steps:

1. Request WEB to check if an extra water meter is permitted:

  • Within 10 days WEB will visit the property to evaluate the building for which the extra meter is being requested.

  • WEB will call to inform you of the results.

  • Costs to pay in advance: Awg. 50,-

2. If the request for an extra water meter is approved, please present at the WEB counter:

  • Notary letter of the purchase or title deed of the property.

  • Valid ID*

  • An extract from the population register (Uittreksel Bevolkingsregister better known as ‘Papel di 5 florin’)

  • Security Deposit for residents: Awg. 80,- 

  • Security Deposit for non residents: Awg. 250,-