Non-Commercial Horticulture / Husbandry

Find out all you need to know about meter connections with non-commercial horticulture and/or husbandry

Water meter for non-commercial horticulture and/or husbandries

  • In case of non commercial horticulture, a letter from Department of Agriculture, Husbandries and Fisheries (Santa Rosa) should be provided. In case of husbandries, a letter of the Department of Public Health should also be provided.
  • Notary letter of the purchase of the property or ‘Eigendomsbewijs’. In case of rented land from the government (huurgrond) a letter of Directie Infrastructuur en Planning (DIP) or the rental land contract should be provided.  
  • Copy of the plan with the location of the property.
  • Valid Identification.*
  • Awg. 130,- (can be paid at the counter at WEB or can be charged on your first water bill):
    • Minimum Security Deposit Awg. 80,-
    • Connection Awg. 50,-.