Here are our top tips for saving water in the bathroom

Here are our top tips for saving water in the bathroom:

  • Try to use as many natural cleaning products and detergents as possible, these don’t contain any phosphates and don’t impact the environment negatively. There is a broad range of brands and products to choose from.

  • One drip every second adds up to 20 liters a day! Check your faucets and showerheads for leaks.

  • Showerheads that carry a 3 star/AAA rating, could save you a minimum of 10 liters of water every minute. If you have a water heater, you can save energy too since you will be consuming less hot water.

  • If your shower fills a one-gallon bucket in less than 20 seconds, replace the showerhead with a WaterSense labeled model. It could save you up to 2500 liters a month.

  • Time your shower to keep it under 5 minutes. There are handy shower timers to make it simple, and you could save up to 3500 liters a month!

  • When taking a shower try only letting the water run when rinsing your body, it gets the job done! You can save a significant amount of water shutting of the water while lathering up. Try it for a few weeks, we promise you will see a difference on your bill!

  • Turn of the water while washing your hair to save up to 500 liters a month

  • Plug the sink instead of running the water to rinse your razor and save up to 1000 liters a month.

  • When brushing your teeth, close the tap! Once you get the brush wet, fill a cup with water and close the tap. Use the water to rinse once you’re done brushing.

  • When washing your hands, turn the water off while you lather.

  • Install water-saving faucet aerators on all of your faucets.

  • If your toilet was purchased before 1992, purchasing a WaterSense labeled toilet can reduce the amount of water used for each flush.

  • Consider buying a dual-flush toilet. It has two flush options: a half-flush for liquid waste and a full-flush for solid waste.

  • Drop tissues or other bathroom waste in the trash instead of in the toilet and save water every time.

  • Reuse your towels, it’ll help keep your loads smaller and save some water!

  • Use our “Do the Math" calculator to see how your use stacks up to the average Aruban household. It will make you more conscious of your water usage.