High water bill?

Find out what you can do if your water bill is unusually high

Detecting a Leak

Oftentimes, sudden increase in monthly water usage is a sign of a leak somewhere in your home’s water lines. One way to discover if there is a leak in the system is to close all water taps and go to the water meter.

When all taps are closed, all of the red arrows should be standing still. If one or more of the red arrows on the meter are turning while the taps are closed, you probably have a leak.

In case that the leak is located at the meter or in the line connecting the meter to WEB’s distribution system, please contact our Call Center at 280-4600. If the leak is located on your property, check all faucets, showerheads, toilets and any other areas of your home where there is flow of water. In more serious cases, professional attention may be necessary.


Tips on leakages


Average home use

In Aruba the average water use per person is 150 Liters a day. This is about 5 m3 = 5000 liters per month. The average domestic use for a 4 person household is about 21 m3 per month.

Check out our online calculator and see if you use more or less water than the average Aruban.

(EN) Tips to Detect Leakages
(PAP) Tips pa Detecta Lekkage