Payment Past Due

Payment dates are located on the top right of your water bill

A water bill is considered expired once the due payment date has passed. The due payment date can be found in the top right corner of your water bill. This date varies by a couple days each month, so always verify the date.

Your past due payment sum can also be found on your water bill; this sum indicates the total yet to be paid. Pay close attention to this amount as to avoid possible disconnection of your water connection.  WEB can disconnect a past due water connection at any time, without warning. To avoid disconnection the client must assure payment is received at the very least, on the due payment date.

If your water connection was disconnected due to late payments

  • Your water meter is disconnected by closing the ‘ball valve’ (the tap) at the meter and placement of a ‘pin’ that locks the water meter.
  • Issue complete payment of due amounts via online banking or at your preferred payment location.
  • Send us your number di percela along with a photo of your proof of payment via WhatsApp* to 525-4600 or via
  • The water meter is reopened the same day the proof of payment received is processed. This will be at the latest by 8:00 PM.
  • Reconnection entails that the pin is removed, but the ball valve of the meter is not reopened. We do this in order to prevent water running from pipes that were possibly left open while disconnected. That is why we recommend checking to see if WEB has removed the pin once proof of payment is submitted correctly. If there is no pin, the client will then need to open the ball valve.

*Requests via WhatsApp or email are processed from Monday to Friday between 7:45am – 3:45 pm. Requests not received during these hours will be processed the following business day. The Awg. 50,- reconnection fee will be included in your next water bill.