Registering for WEB Care

Register to view your Water bills and Payment history online

How to Register:

  • Go to our website

  • Click on the Menu Bar, then click on WEBCare or click here directly

  • In Account Login click on ‘Click here’ under: Sign up now to access your account online!

  • Fill in the account number. (number di percela). This number is located on your water bill.

  • If the account number is for example: XXXXX-01, type in  XXXXX-1, without the 0.

  • If the account number is for example: XXXXX-00, type in  XXXXX-0.

  • The name must be typed in exactly as written on the bill.

  • If the account number or name is typed in incorrectly, you will be unable to register.

  • After entering your e-mail address twice, a password will be generated immediately.

  • After receiving a password at your e-mail address, return to the Account Login screen and enter the password and account number.


  • It is easy to misread your password. Instead of typing in your password, you can copy and then paste it electronically on the Account Login page in the password section.

  • It is not possible to use the same a-mail address to register twice for WEBCARE.

  • If you have more than one account registered under the same customer number, then you only have to register once to access ALL your Active accounts.

  • If you have difficulty login in or registering please send us an email by clicking here

  • Once registered for WEBCARE, you will automatically receive email notifications as soon as your next water bill is ready. In case you did not receive your WEBCARE Ebill in your inbox, please check in either your junk email, spam folder, or the tab called ‘Other’ before contacting our Call Center at 280-4600.