Registering for WEB Care

Register to view your Water bills and Payment history online

How to Register:

  • Go to our website

  • Click on the Menu Bar, then click on WEBCare or click here directly

  • In Account Login click on ‘Click here’ under: Sign up now to access your account online!

  • Fill in the account number. (number di percela). This number is located on your water bill.

  • If the account number is for example: XXXXX-01, type in  XXXXX-1, without the 0.

  • If the account number is for example: XXXXX-00, type in  XXXXX-0.

  • The name must be typed in exactly as written on the bill.

  • If the account number or name is typed in incorrectly, you will be unable to register.

  • After entering your e-mail address twice, a password will be generated immediately.

  • After receiving a password at your e-mail address, return to the Account Login screen and enter the password and account number.


  • It is easy to misread your password. Instead of typing in your password, you can copy and then paste it electronically on the Account Login page in the password section.

  • It is not possible to use the same a-mail address to register twice for WEBCARE.

  • If you have more than one account registered under the same customer number, then you only have to register once to access ALL your Active accounts.

  • If you have difficulty login in or registering please send us an email by clicking here