Understanding your bill

Need an explanation of your water bill?

What's on my bill?


Number di Percela:

This number is engraved on a copper plate and is fastened to the pipeline very close to the meter.

Periodo di Cuenta:

This refers to the actual time-frame for which you are being billed. Usually it will be from one month before you receive the invoice.  

Ultimo Dia di Pago:

Last day to pay bill.

Periodo actual: 

Total amount to be paid. 

Saldo Anterior:

Open balance/Total amount that is owed to WEB.


Last payments received by WEB.

Saldo Periodo Anterior:

Amount billed in the previous billing period.

Tarifa A:

Domestic tariff (This will show a different letter if using a “bouwmeter” or “industrial water”). 

Deposito :

Meter deposit (Awg. 80,-). This deposit is paid each time a meter is requested.

Fecha Estado di Cuenta:

Date the bill was printed.