Go Paperless

Why still receive your water bill in the mailbox if you could receive it online as soon as it is available? This page provides plenty information about the advantages of going ‘paperless’, but here you can also start the process of receiving your water bill digitally.

Why go ‘paperless’

  • Receive a notification every month as soon as your water bill becomes available
  • All your information is displayed in a simple and clear way
  • Save plenty on ink and paper; it is good for the environment

Are you ready to go Paperless?

Choose WEB Care; a digital and safe platform!

Time to choose:

Answer the two questions below for instructions on how to register your selection.

To obtain instructions, both questions must be answered.

How do you wish to receive your water bill?
Are you registered on WEB Care

You don’t need to take any action. At ‘My Preferences’ in WEB Care it will already register that you will receive your water bill every month only in digital form. For more information about WEB Care, click here for the tutorial or log in directly.

Log in to WEB Care Tutorial


1)  To receive your water bill digitally you need to register for WEB Care. It’s very easy (view tutorial below). Make sure to have a water bill on hand with all the information. 

Log in to WEB Care Tutorial


2) Do you prefer for WEB to register you for WEB Care? In that case, you will receive your password via email, which you can use to login to WEB Care. 

Allow WEB to register you

PLEASE NOTE: Customers who are currently registered in WEB Care will no longer receive a hard copy from March 1, 2021, but only a digital copy via email. If you do not want a digital copy and you want to continue to receive your hard copy in your mailbox, you must change this in 'My Preferences' in WEB Care. Click on 'tutorial' for more information or login to WEB Care.

Log in to WEB Care Tutorial


You don’t need to take any action. You will receive your water bill every month through the mail. You would still wish to make the change to digital? It’s simple. How? Take a look at this tutorial.

Log in to WEB Care Tutorial