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1. Can I view my bill online?

Yes! Using our online portal "WEB Care" you can view your current water bill on your mobile phone, your computer or other device. You can view your water consumption history and payments received at WEB also. Furthermore, if you register in WEB Care, you will receive a monthly e-mail notification when your water bill is ready.

Would you like to use WEB Care? Click here, fill in the form and submit your WEB Care registration request. Do you prefer to register yourself? Click here and follow the instructions on the 'register' tab.

2. I don’t have water, what happened?

If you don’t have water there is a possibility that your water has been disconnected due to unpaid water bills. Please check if you have any unpaid water bills. Click here to know how to have your water reconnected. Always take notice of the due date on each water bill, to avoid the inconvenience of water disconnection. If you don’t have unpaid bills, there is also a possibility that WEB is doing maintenance work in your area. Stay updated of maintenance notifications through WEB Aruba’s Facebook Page.

3. How can I apply for a new water meter?

Click here for all you need to apply for a new water connection. To be applicable for a new water meter connection, it is required to have a niche at the border of the relevant property. It can be part of the fence of the property or it can stand alone. WEB will determine the location where the niche has to be built and will indicate this on the site map provided by the client, when requesting a new water meter connection. The niche must be built in accordance to WEB’s specifications. The site map indicating the location of the niche, will be available within 10 days after the request for the connection has been made. At this time, we will also let you know how long it will take to install the connection, once you have confirmed that the niche is ready. It is important to inform WEB when the niche is ready. You can do so by sending a mail to A map with the required specifications to build the niche is available at the counters of WEB Aruba or can be downloaded here.

4. Where do I call if I’m having a problem with my water?

Call 280-4600 on weekdays and weekends if you have issues concerning:

  • lack of water, leakage or low water pressure, 
  • water quality, e.g. odor, taste of color,
  • the amount due on your active water bill,
  • reconnecting your water meter.  
5. How can I apply for a water meter for farming or husbandry?

For all requirements and information to apply for a special water meter for farming or husbandry, click here and scroll down till paragraph 'D'.

6. How long will it take for me to get my new water connection?

The waiting time for a new water meter depends on the situation at the property. Each situation is unique. For information on how long it takes to get a new water meter connected click here. For information on how long it takes to get an existing water meter reconnected click here.

7. What can I do if my water bill is higher than normal?

 If your water bill is higher than usual it is important to check if there are any leaks in your home. 
If there are leaks, it is important to have them repaired promptly to avoid further costs. 

If there is no leakage and you suspect a problem with your water meter, please take your meter reading and contact our Call Center at 280-4600 requesting that WEB control if the meter was read correctly. It is also possible to have the water meter checked. Click here for an appointment. 

8. I didn’t receive a bill, how can I find out how much I owe this month?
  • By signing into your WEB Care account, you can see all your water bills. Click here to register and login to WEB Care.
  • You can also call 280-4600, on the main menu, choose the option 'For your active account balance' and follow the instructions.  
9. I’m having an issue with my water/monthly bill/service and would like to file a complaint. How do I do this?

 All formal complaints can be submitted in person at our main office in Balashi or via our Contact Form; click here to complete the form and upload a picture of your valid identification. If visiting in person, please remember to bring a valid ID. 

10. I don’t understand my bill, what does it all mean?

Your monthly water bill has a lot of information on it, click here for an in-depth explanation of what everything means on your water bill.

11. How can I check how much I owe?

Our WEBCare service is perfect for checking your current balance. Click here, fill in the form and submit your WEB Care registration request. Do you prefer to register yourself? Click here and follow the instructions on the 'register' tab. Once registered, login to WEB Care to see your water bill. You can also call 280-4600, on the main menu, choose the option 'For your active account balance' and follow the instructions. 

12. I’m having trouble logging into WEBCare, what’s the problem?

Please contact our Call Center at 280-4600 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will further assist you in resolving your issue. Or you can send a request for assistance through our contact form, click here to fill in and submit.

13. I can’t pay my water bill, can I make a payment arrangement?

Yes, each customer can make a payment arrangement with WEB twice per year. Payment arrangements can be requested through this form or personally at WEB’s main office in Balashi. Click here to see all documents required for the application.

14. Is there a price difference when getting a new meter, if I have a house in Aruba but I am not a resident of Aruba?

Yes, all non-residents must pay a deposit of Awg 250,-. For further details on getting a water meter connected to a property click here.

15. How can I apply for a job at WEB?

On our job vacancies page you can see the current vacancies at WEB. Applications can be sent to

16. Do I need a niche on the property when requesting a new water meter connection?

Yes, WEB requires a niche for water meter connections for new houses and commercial buildings. For more details about the niche, click here. Download the map with required niche specifications here.

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